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Adobe Illustrator (Ai) Scripts are usually third party scripts designed by experience users to help designers saved a lot of time in creating and completing tasks with the graphic software. When Illustrator users stuck on complex works or handling some trifling tasks that have to be done, these Scripts come in handy. One of the example of available script already built-in Illustrator is Live Trace function that handles tracing image (in variety of mode) in just a click.

Illustrator itself doesn’t have all the features that we might have imagine it suppose to provide whenever we stuck on ‘how to do this and that’ in the app. Here come these Scripts made by users for users purposely to realize the imaginations.

There are some users on the internet that create Ai Scripts and provide them as free to use, just download and copy it in your Adobe Illustrator installed directory; Adobe Illustrator/Presets/Scripts (folder). When you run the software, go to top menu; File > Scripts > Other Script… the new scripts will appear here (sub menu). Anyway let see in these list of Ai Scripts (if you found some usefull) we managed to collect and links to their source. Before that,  you’re advisable to look at Adobe Illustrator Scripting Guide & Refference.



Scriptographer is an open source scripting plugin for Adobe Illustrator created to give the user the possibility to extend Illustrator’s functionality by writing simple scripts in the JavaScript language, with a focus on ease of use, simplicity and clarity. So if you’re interested in writing Ai scripts the easy way as they claim, you can give it a try, download and make some scripts.

Scriptographer is also a website (from Switzerland) that provides exchange scripts and ideas among users. They listed their archives in 3 main categories.. and I can say that they’re among up to date scripts available out there, from legacy and up to Ai CS6.

  • General Scripts | 43 scripts that generate or modify graphic objects
  • Interactive Tools | 41 interactive scripts – mouse controlled drawing tools
  • Raster Scripts | 11 scripts that create graphics based on the pixel data of bitmap raster objects

Ai Script sudoku generator
Sudoku generator (General scripts)

Ai Scripts hexagonal grid generator
Hexagonal grid generator (Raster scripts)





JS4Ai (John’s Scripts 4 Adobe Illustrator), one of the popular Ai Scriptor, provides download all of his list (as below) in 1 zip file via his GitHub

  • AddSwatchesLightAndShadow
  • ArcTwister
  • Organify
  • RandomEyes
  • SelectPathsBySize
  • SelectReplicatedText
  • ZoomAndCenterSelection
  • AlignTextFieldCenter
  • AllPoints
  • CopyToMultipleObjects
  • CopyToObject
  • Delete_fluff
  • DistributeStackedObjects
  • DivideTextFrame
  • Explore
  • ExportLayers
  • ExtrudeFaces
  • Fleurify
  • Fractalize
  • GroupOverlappingObjects
  • JoinTextFrames
  • Organize
  • PixelAlign
  • RenderSwatchLegend
  • SaveWithTimestamp
  • ScallopTemplate
  • SetAllTheThings
  • SharpenCorners
  • SizeByLuminance
  • SwapObjects
  • TextTweaker
  • TileWrapper
  • To100Pct
  • Vary_hues


S.H’s Page

Scripts for Adobe Illustrator by Hiroyuki Sato consist of Scripts for legacy Ai v.10, Ai CS – Ai CC (latest). You can find and download all of latest Ai CSx Scripts by shspage in zip file from their GitHub page.

grass script
  • batchTextEdit
  • dupAlongThePath
  • grass
  • handleGlue
  • inscribedCircle
  • newLayer(&L)
  • ovalize
  • softgel

Download all of the above list in zip file at shspage GitHub.

Below are their other archives..

Legacy / Extra


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