Polygon Vector Stallion

Triangle Polygon Vector Illustrations

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Polygon Vector Stallion

Polygon Vector art style illustrations, sometimes they call it Low Polygon, created in full vector, no it’s not the Photoshop Filter setting applied, but these polygons we discussed here are fully vector, in 2D (even it may looks like 3D) either using Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape or created using SVG generator.

There are few types of Polygon Vector to illustrate the images, normally using random polygon with verity of shapes and the other using triangle polygon shapes. The Triangle Polygon can be divided in two types – Triangle Polygon Vector abstract in random and Triangle Mosaic Tiles with seamless pattern. We will see the example of those illustrations.


Polygon Vector Abstract (random)

These illustration might be created manually by drawing parts by parts if you really have passion and patience, as shown in this vectorboom tutorial.. or perhaps there’re using filter or plugin installed inside the vector graphic apps itself.

credit to vectorboom.com

You can see the polygons constructed as the image above consist by variety of poly shapes, triangles, rectangles or trapezoids. As this polygon shapes are manually drawn, points to points should be precisely joined to avoid any gaps appear among them.


Triangle Polygon Vector Abstract (random)

What makes me attracted with these type of illustrations, they’re constructed with random shapes of triangle polygons. There are no other shapes but triangle, and the combination of colors help in creating the image. This kind of illustration usually best in creating object oriented image, minus the background scenery.

Polygon Objects

Tiger Polygon Vector

polygon vector

Polygon Vector Map


Polygon Backgrounds

Also you can create just cool looking abstract background and perhaps you can sell it, like this..

credit to creativemarket.com


Polygon Typography / Calligraphy

And this style is perfect with title typography for your design or calligraphy art style.. just like I’ve done previously with Eid-ul-Fitri vector khat.

credit to shutterstock.com

These kind of Triangle Vector Polygon illustrations actually created using SVG generator, a browser based HTML5 engine – Triangulator, and edited using Adobe Illustrator to fine tune the artworks. You may download it, unzipped and run the html (index) file.

credit to somestuff.ru

Triangle Mosaic Tiles Pattern

There is also a type of normally generated in pixel (raster) based image, not vector, triangle mosaic patterns. Probably the reason of this kind of artworks usually being used as background or just to make seamless patterns of an image. Normally being generated with filter plugins inside graphic editor itself such as in Photoshop’s Filter.

triangle mosaic patterns

You can search some (maybe free or paid) pattern effect Plugins (or Actions script) such as triangle, hexagon, etc. for using with Photoshop to create verity type of mosaic patterns if you like the output.