Unit Tindakan Khas – UTK, PDRM

Logo Unit Tindakan Khas UTK


An another Trace Logo request made by Amy, (he, not she 😉. When we firstly look at the source logo provided, as shown above on the left, seems that image is a scanned image from embroidery patches. Then we trying to do our own search for better image source to works on.. unfortunately we couldn’t find any other better images. The search result shows many similar images as he provide us. Anyway the requester was provide us the text’s motto – ‘Ganas, Banteras, Berani’ for the bottom of the crest design. So we just need to trace the crest with some imagination to perfected the logo and the results as shown above, right & middle image.

Updated: The motto is TANGKAS, BANTERAS, GANAS

15 thoughts on “Unit Tindakan Khas – UTK, PDRM”

        1. terima kasih atas maklumat tuan..
          “ayat yg silap tu pihak yg request laa yg bagi tu, mana dia dpt tatau laa..

          1. Salam bos..kalau sy nak beli logo vector utk tu brape harga bos boleh whap sy tak 0108807584

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