We Trace Logo to Convert Raster image to Vector manually for perfection, no auto trace software or ‘live trace’ function used. We’ve vectorised thousands of logo tracing works and here are some of our jobs done..



How It Works


  1. Provide us the image(s) via the blue button Trace Logo Form at the left side to make your request. Choose your budget, ‘I agree to pay’ fee in the form.
  2. We receive & analyse the image(s) that you submit, if the image(s) is not acceptable, (poor quality, too small or very complicated) we might not proceed with the job requests. If we satisfy with the request order and the image(s) quality, we will proceed your request.
  3. After completing the Tracing work, member in charged will contact you and email the sample traced logo in jpeg format together with payment claim. Once you satisfy with the sample trace, kindly make the payment (as agreed), submit the proof of payment to him/her, and he/she will send the master copy, the vector file(s) to your email.


We provide affordable fees for this job, to proceed with Trace Logo request, click the Trace Logo Form at the left screen.


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