20 Mar 2011
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Updated Mar 2013

Target your market for designs related products & services with our niche visitors and business companies are 90% from design activities, from graphics, web works, multimedia, etc. Simply advertise your products / services with us.

Here are the standard ads format offered:


1.  Top Banner 728 x 150  New


click image to view position

• At Top Header (all pages)
• Responsive
• ‘Eye Catching’ slider banner – will be ‘rotate as 3 slides’ (with 2 other ads), 5 seconds per ads
• Minimum 2 months
• Jpeg file only
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2.  Sidebar 200 x 200


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• At the Sidebar (sub pages)
• Minimum 2 months
• Jpeg, Gif, PNG files format
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3. Bottom banner 728 x 90 (not available)

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• Above the Footer widget
• Minimum 2 months
• Jpeg, Gif, PNG files format


If you don’t have the graphic for the image ads, we will provide the graphic’s image for FREE. Simply supply us the images, texts, url, etc. We will designed it FOC. Terms and conditions may apply.

We can also consider for custom size and position for your requirements. Kindly contact us for more info.

google analytic
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Summary of Vectorise Logo Site Analytics

As you can see here is the latest vectorise logo site analytics by google for 30 days, even though not seems so impressive, we achieve around 30-40K targeted unique visitors a month, at least we have the niche market, thanks to google’s newly improved search engine (and the right keywords used by users).


Simple Rules & Regulations

Vectorise logo have the rights to cancel or delete the advertisement that might be unacceptable or inappropriate with the internet common law.

For further information or to proceed with the space advertisement, please contact us. Thank you.