5 Aug 2010
Via: KuRtAzuanDy
Cat: Aidilfitri, Celebration
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Vector Raya, Ketupat, Pelita

Ketupat, Pelita & Selamat Hari Raya


Download Vector Logo of Raya_2010

More Hari Raya Vector Collections

submitted by: KuRtAzuandy


  1. J says:

    lovely. thanks for sharing!

  2. KuRtAzuanDy says:

    Welcome J

  3. onineko says:

    thanks! nice vector works~ =3

  4. nick says:

    This Ketupat, Pelita & Selamat Hari Raya vector is it freely to use it or commercial use or personal use only?

  5. artzleen says:

    dah amek. time kasih ;)

  6. Connection says:

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  7. haidil says:

    ape bende ni

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