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2 Sep 2008
Via: admin
Cat: Islamic Khat, Walimatul Urus

Walimatul Urus

Here are vector khats of walimatul urus. Separated from previously Islamic Khat..

Walimatul Urus

The previous Islamic Khat files with Assalamualaikum, Selamat Hari Raya, etc. Have some more different vector khat..? share with us by submit your vector khat.


  1. [...] Walimatul Urus khat files have been separated to reduce long scrolling page. Got to walimatul urus page. Bookmark us now. More free vector files and vector logos will be added from time to time… give & keep supporting us for free stuffs… or at least lets share this site with others, links to vectorise logo from your site / blog. [...]

  2. mushu says:

    tahniah bro..
    awk mmg creative..
    tambah la koleksi walimatul urus ni..

  3. comot says:

    thanx a lot..jenuh nak cari vektor nie..kalau leh tambah lagi yer..

  4. thejentayu17 says:

    terima kasih…..

    susah nak dapat eps@ai islamic ni

  5. vectorism says:

    terimakasih juga atas sokongan semua..
    share our links with others dlm blog2 & fb anda..
    join our forum utk lebihhhh lg..

  6. diana says:


    kenapa saya tak boleh bukak kaligrafi ni dalam fail ai??
    sudah tukar jadik JPEG ker???camner kalau sy nak dalam fail ai???

  7. fqemo says:

    click kat download, bukan pada image..

  8. diana says:

    dah try,terus open with adobe reader…

  9. fqemo says:

    try yang mane satu tu..? saye try sume okey je..

  10. admin says:

    diana & fqemo.. kalo pakai int. explorer, download akan auto open ke adobe reader.. (ni problem int. explorer) tp file yg disave (dari int. explorer) boleh diopen dari illustrator..

    solution – sila guna firefox / google chrome – (akan save as ai) tq.

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